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Welcome to the My Life. My Myeloma Online Resource Centre. We’ve created this page as a centralized resource for helping you have, and share in, meaningful discussions with your healthcare team on managing your myeloma.

You’ll find specifically designed, invaluable tools and materials like a medical visit Discussion Guide, a comprehensive and helpful Decision-Making Guide, the Myeloma Monitor - a unique, interactive application for tracking and managing your myeloma, tips and information on exploring treatment options, a unique platform for walking you through decision-making, uplifting patient journey videos, educational videos, and so much more.

Our goal is to enable and empower you to actively participate in your healthcare path…because it’s your life, and your myeloma.

Discussion Guide: My Healthcare

Take a seat at the table and participate in your healthcare

Whether you’re newly diagnosed with myeloma or have experienced a relapse, download the corresponding Discussion Guide. You’ll find important questions that will spark conversations with your healthcare team, including your treatment plan, goals, sequences and options that are best suited for you.

Decision-Making Guide

You are an active partner in your treatment plan

In order to make the decisions that are right for you, there is a tremendous amount you need to know and process. This Decision-Making Guide walks you through the process of decision-making as it relates to your healthcare.

Map out your thoughts, emotions and other relevant information, to help you think about – and understand – the things that are important to you. Identify what you may need to know more about in order to make a decision that you’re comfortable with.

Access the Decision-Making Guide

Online form Downloadable PDF

Myeloma Monitor

An interactive tool to help you track and manage your myeloma

Myeloma Monitor is an application (app) designed specifically for multiple myeloma patients and caregivers. Developed entirely by Myeloma Canada, this app allows you to organize and track your daily activities and is intended to help you better understand the changes that occur throughout your patient journey.

Log your blood test results and graph how they’ve changed over time. Do you have questions for your doctor or an appointment today? Do you need to print a report for your next appointment? This companion app is specifically designed to support you through all of the important steps involved with tracking and managing your myeloma.

Access the Myeloma Monitor

Download the application

Join the Myeloma Canada Community

The Myeloma Canada community is dedicated to ensuring that people living with myeloma have access to the resources, support and information they need, every step of the way, throughout their journey. Join our community and find out more.

Join our community

Education and Resources

The information and resources below are tools to help you learn more about myeloma, its management, as well as connect you with others living with the disease.

Treatment Options

You are unique, and your treatment plan will be too.

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have experienced a relapse, find out about available treatment options to help you manage the disease and its symptoms, as well as promote your overall well-being and quality of life.

Useful Resources

Get access to the information, tools, programs and services you need to become a more active participant in your healthcare

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